All Computer & Smart Device Repair

The Apps Corporation provides a repair service for all platforms of hardware and software solutions.

iMacs & Macbook Laptop Repair Services

All units are assessed on a case-by-case basis with a firm quotation upon inspection.

iPod, iPad & iPhone Repair Services

All costs are related to the nature of the damage to the unit. Specific quotes are available when the damaged unit is inspected, but as a yardstick:

iPod: $70 - $90 Service Replacements:
Broken Glass; Glass/Touch Sensor; Switch; Glass/Touch LCD; Headphone Jack; Battery; Power / Sleep Switch.

iPad: $110 - $150 Service Replacements:
Glass/Touch Sensor; LCD; Headphone Pin; Headphone Jack; Charging Port; Home Switch; Power Switch; Front Camera; Loudspeaker; Rear Camera; Battery; Wifi Antenna; LTE Antenna; LCD Connector; Sim Reader; Volume/Mute; Microphone.

iPhone: $90 - $120 Service Replacements:
Screen; Charging Port; Housing; Headphone Jack; Battery; Earpiece Speaker; Front Camera; Rear Camera; Proximity Sensor; Loudspeaker; Vibration Motor; Low volume/no ringtone; Microphone.

These prices include unit collection, repair and delivery. Any new replacement part carries a 1 year replacement warranty should the part be faulty (with an AppsCorp $50 handling fee).

Some points to consider when you want Apps Corpora- tion to repair your iMac, Macbook Laptop, iPhone, iPad or iPod:

Apps Corporation will repair all models of iPhone, iPads & iPods including the iPhone 6, iPad Mimi 1 & 2, and the iPad Air 1 (not the iPad Air 2 or the iPad Mini 3 yet). We also do not repair any model with finger print recognition (the units that have a silver ring around the home button), if you agree to lose the finger print recognition function.

The iPhone, iPad & iPod units that can not be repaired by Apps Corporation will need to be returned to Apple and replaced (warning, at great cost). You can take the damaged units to Apple yourself or we can do it for you for $50 above the Apple Store invoice.

Items and details that are required by the Apps Corporation or the Apple Store to effect service repairs are:

  1. The damaged unit (not covered by the Apple Warranty)
  2. The unlock code (if applicable)
  3. The iCloud ‘Find My iPhone/iPad’ is turned off through Apple Support
  4. All important data backed up to avoid chance of loss
  5. Proof of Purchase (useful, but not essential)